Friday, October 30, 2009


Marxist Communist Party MP Com P.Mohan(Madurai) expires today evening
at Chennai.
We gives our RED SULUTE to our Comrade on behalf of
NFPE P4 Southern Region & NFPE P3, P4 & AIPEDEU Kovilpatti DN.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


1. We are proud to start this web marking dedications to the martyrs of the trade union movements who sacrificed their lives for the cause of workers in general and postal workers in particular.

2. Task Before JCA Meet 28.10.2009.
At the outset we go through the GDS system. GDS are worst cheated sections of central government employees kept away from the clutches/purview of various labour laws extending privileges and concessions to such deprived section of workers and enacted by the Government itself such as payment of minimum wages Act 1948,Hours of employment regulations, payment of bonus Act 1965. The contract labour (Regularisation and abolition) Act 1970,equal Remuneration Act 1976, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 etc.

3. Social security scheme .
GDS are still kept out of social security schemes – pension and provident fund facilities even after this Natarajamoorthy committee recommendations implementation this year. This has remained a static reference in “ Terms of reference” in Gezatte Notification whenever the Government constituted administrative and judicial committees in the past decades but was taken for a rejection by finding it difficult for laborious work to maintain service book and related records and stating that it was not prepared to spend crores of rupees for the cause to accede to the recommendations of this committees.

4. An withdrawal of a strike Hon. ‘Minister of state for communication committed to remit of pension issue for GDS committee consideration and recommendation, accordingly member (D), Postal services Board had vide his letter No.39-13/93-93 SR dt 10-93,written to our federations leaders that the specific reference would be made on pension to GDS staff and inserted in terms of reference for consideration of the GDS (Thalwar) committee. Alas! There was a ridiculing in the term of reference to the committee to bear no a word “Pension to GDS”. I t was the GDS (Thalwar) committee to search afford them for a protection by giving then shelter with the historical Supreme Court Judgement within the purview by article 309 of the constitution which had been hitherto denied by the Government to treat the GDS as civil servants by citing artcle 311(2) of the constitution, that was considered to be applicable to only whole time regular employees.

5. It was worry some fact that the Dy. Director General (T&E) Dept of Posts in her letter No.19-28-93.ED & TRG dt26.12.95 addressed to the Justice committee, taking on ultimate stand with diversion of earlier commitments and assurances of the government the Federations stated that “ the extra departmental agents are employed on contract basis and being a class apart having noting in common with the casuals, part time casuals, departmental employees etc., the question of bringing them within the purview of CCS Pension Rules 1972 for the purpose of grant of pension does not arise”. This was the justice committee to liquitate the arguments of the government in this regard by placing reliance on sub rule (g) of rule 2of pension rules and kept the records straight finalizing it report in favour of granting pension to the GDS.

6. Having seen the findings of the Justice committee the Government felt discomfort that was why it had chosen for an administrative committee this time headed by Shri Natarajar, a retired postal board member for getting the report on its dik- tats taking a stand of aggressiveness to turn down plea of staff side leaders to continue to constitute a justice.

7. The Savoor committee in its report of eighty on social security to ED agents recommended that it is appropriate that some scheme in the nature of social security is provided for in the Employees provident fund and Family pension Act and is made available to the ED agents.

8. Our demand for a pension to GDS staff was formulated as back as six decades ago by our heroic leaders and there had been unique approach of the Federations and unions to win the demand. There was no doubt that there has been pressure upon the Government so as to make it to accept to make a special reference on pension to the GDS committees constituted. There were struggles under the umbrella of JCA in the past that were concluded with lessons for a success or a defeat but considered to be advancement in its consolidation of rank and files for developing a fighting tendency and strength to achieve its ultimate goal to win its demands.

9. This JCA formed with unique approach and might has brought out the GDS (Natarajmoorthy ) committee report approved, released and implemented, and it has a foundain duty to carry forward, it has to be in perennial existence to review negative aspects of the recommendations for its stall and droppage. The primary task rests with the JCA which meets on 28.10.2009 is to pay attention on social security to the GDS who are deprieved a lot for a pension on quitting service.

10. An upsurge should be created again among the workers to get pension to the GDS as they have been well mobilized with this demand, the JCA should evolve its ways, formulate it stralegies as may be appropriate for winning the demand. JCA partners are not for liquation after a struggle for a particular demands but for a history to bring the deprived under the ambit of variour labour laws that have been enacted by the Government for their welfare as a social security measure.
11 GDS are with fervent hope upon JCA and its decisions at this high time the recommendations of Natarajamoorthy committee came effective leaving their
demand of pension in a lurch once and again.
With struggle greetings



Comrades, Details of arrears to be paid soon for GDS of KOL HO are as below.

Calculations are based on information collected from you.

Sl No Name of GDS Office Arrears Amount

1 Annamalai T GDS BPM Ayyanaruthu 17390
2 Balasubramanian S BPM Vijayapuri 18375
3 Chelladurai BPM Padanthapuli (KRN) 10360
4 Dhanabalan P BPM Muthulapuram 17580
5 Dhanaseeli M BPM Kamanayakkanpatti 17580
6 Duraimuthu R BPM Sippiparai 19100
7 Elakkuvan S BPM Natchiarpuram 17400
8 Ganapathysubramanian S BPM Kurinjakulam 17600
9 Ganesamoorthy V BPM Athikulam 17600
10 Girijabai A BPM Athankarai 17370
11 Gnaniah A BPM Kappulingampatti 19020
12 Ignatiusnirmalaroyan BPM Sippikulam 17540
13 Jacobgurupatham J BPM Veppalodai 17590
14 Janaki P BPM Akilandapuram 17370
15 Jayaraman K Thalaikattupuram 18680
16 Jegaveerapandian P BPM Boothalapuram 17550
17 Josephstalin P BPM Melaseethalai 17600
18 Kamaldevi T BPM Duraisamypuram 17840
19 Kanagaraj G BPM Thennampatti 17550
20 Kandasamy K BPM Sakkammalpuram 17590
21 Karunanithi S BPM Kadalkudi 17570
22 Kasiram R BPM Mudukkalankulam 16370
23 Kathiresan R BPM Semmapudur 7680
24 Kavitha N BPM Kothali 17630
25 Kumarasamyraja A GDSPM Kadalai 22415
26 Mahalakshmi M BPM Irachi 17590
27 Mallika K BPM Vadamalaisamudram 17570
28 Mankayarkarasi S GDSPM Sivagnanapuram 23200
29 Manthiram T BPM Ilambuvanam 17440
30 Mariappan M BPM Nambipuram 18675
31 Mariappan M V GDSPM Parivillikottai 18000
32 Murugan G BPM KOL RS 17675
33 Murugesan C BPM Pillaiyarnatham 17590
34 Muthuramalingam K R BPM Soorangudi 17600
35 Nagarajan M BPM Kandasamypuram 17820
36 Palaniammal S BPM Alagapuri 17600
37 Palanimuthu M BPM Arunkulam 18440
38 Pappumariammal T BPM Kilavilathikulam 17520
39 Perumalammal A BPM GVN Kalluri 17180
40 Perumalsamy S BPM Bommiahpuram 17590
41 Pitchaimani A BPM Chatrapatti 17600
42 Ponniah S BPM Uthupatti 19035
43 Pothyraj G BPM Sinthalakarai 14095
44 Rajamani S BPM Villiseri 17575
45 Rajaram A BPM Chitrampatti 17575
46 Ramakrishnan A BPM Manthithoppu 16560
47 Ramakrishnan G BPM Avalnatham 14875
48 Ramar K BPM Umaithalaivanpatti 17495
49 Ramasamy L BPM Pillaiayarnatham 17050
50 Ramasamy P BPM Maniakaranpatty 14975
51 Ravichandran K GDSPM Ilavelangal 17250
52 Sakthivel S BPM Kilarunachalapuram 17520
53 Sangumurugesan K BPM L V Puram 17330
54 Santhanam G BPM Karisalkulam 17590
55 Santhapushpam V BPM KOL IND Estate 17520
56 Selvaraj G BPM K.Sivagnanapuram 15430
57 Selvaraj S BPM Kurumalai 17280
58 Selvavel P BPM TherkuIlandaikulam 18605
59 Shunmugathai S BPM Meenakshipuram 17830
60 Shunmugavel P BPM Moortheeswaram 13280
61 Sivasubramanian S BPM Sennamareddipatti 17540
62 Somasundaram G BPM Ramachandrapuram 17590
63 Subbulakshmi R BPM Padanthapuli 12600
64 Suganthi P BPM Karisalkulam 17590
65 Sundararajan M BPM Kalankaraipatti 17600
66 Thangamariappan S BPM Vembur 17590
67 Thangammal K BPM V.Vandanam 18680
68 Thangapushpam K BPM Thathaneri 14875
69 Thangaraj S BPM V.Vedapatti 17630
70 Vallikannu S BPM Kalugachalapuram 17590
71 Veerammal R BPM Mettilipatti 17195
72 Velusamy S BPM Maiparai 17320
73 Venkatasubramanian V BPM Vedanatham 17480
74 Venugopalakrishnasamy GDSPM Kalingapatti 20210
75 Xavierraj V BPM Vellalankottai 17570

1 Alaguraja K GDS MD Maniakaranpatti 14910
2 Antoniammal J GDS MP Pudur 15370
3 Antoniammal P GDS MP Kurukkuchalai 16460
4 Antonisamy GDS MD K R Nagar 18560
5 Antonisamy D GDS MD Kamanaickanpatti 17635
6 Arumugasamy M GDS MC Veppalodai 18880
7 Athimoolam V GDS MD Guruvarpatti 17920
8 Ayyappan R G GDS MP Eppodumvendran 6820
9 Ayyappan S GDS MP Ariyanayagipuram 15910
10 Balakrishnan M GDS MC Villiseri 15270
11 Balakrishnan M GDS MP Kulathur 14620
12 Bowrnamuniasamy GDS MC Ramachandrapuram 15810
13 Chellappan P GDS MD Umaithalaivanpatti 17740
14 Chellasamy A GDS MD Bommiahpuram 17930
15 Chinnalingam U GDS MD Vilathikulam 16980
16 Chinnasamy K GDS MD Kurumalai 18120
17 Devakani J GDS MD Sankaralingapuram 17930
18 George C GDS MD Ilayarasanendal 18500
19 Gnanamani P GDS MD Vadamalaisamudram 17960
20 Gopalan P GDS MD Vedanatham 18570
21 Irulappan E GDS MC Murtheeswaram 15910
22 Jansirani J GDS MD Kattalankulam 14400
23 Jeyaraj W GDS MC Ayyanaruthu 13390
24 Jeyaraman R GDS MD Alagapuri 17900
25 Justinthomsa GDS MP Vembur 7000
26 Kalaivani S GDS MD Attankarai 14600
27 Kaliappan K GDS MD Kalankaraipatti 17320
28 Kanagaraj G GDS MC Vanaramutti 5225
29 Kannan P GDS MC Vaippar 12565
30 Karnan K GDS MD Karisalkulam 18590
31 Karuppan U GDS MC Athikulam 15590
32 Karuppasamy A GDS MD Villiseri 17910
33 Karuppasamy K GDS MP Kilairal 13960
34 Krishnasamy M GDS MD Nambipuram 17880
35 Krishnasamy G GDS SV Kovilpatti HO 17985
36 Kumar V GDS MD Kurukkuchalai 17965
37 Lakshmanaperumal M GDS MD TerkuIlandaikulam 16860
38 Mallaian S GDS MD Sakkammalpuram 18170
39 Mariappan E GDS MD Ariyanayagipuram 18560
40 Mariappan S GDS MD K Sivagnanapuram 17810
41 Maruthadurai M GDS MD Melmandai 18570
42 Mohanraj K GDS MC Kulakattukurichi 18540
43 Murugesan A GDS MD Ahilandapuram 14590
44 Murugavel K S GDS MP Lakshmipuram 15420
45 Muthu S GDS MC Kadambur 9980
46 Muthuirulappan S GS MP Naduvirpatti 14700
47 Muthukamatchi K GDS MD Sivagnanapuram EDSO 17850
48 Muthukumar E GDS MD Vellalankottai 13720
49 Muthukumar R GDS MD V.Vedapatti 19050
50 Muthusamy A GDS MC Ahilandapuram 15380
51 Muthusamy M GDS MD Pasuvanthanai 17965
52 Narambunathan S GDS MD GVN Kalluri 17630
53 Packiam G GDS MC Chitrampatti 14690
54 Pandi S GDS MD Nagalapuram 9460
55 Paramasivan M GDS MD Ilambuvanam 17880
56 Perumal A GDS MD Kilaarunachalapuram 17950
57 Perumal A GDS MD KilaVilathikulam 15450
58 Perumalraj S GDS MD Kothali 17930
59 Pitchumani S GDS MD Kulathur 12385
60 Ponbalasubramanian R GDS MC Kadalkudi 15010
61 Rajavelpandian M GDS MD Vanaramutti 17470
62 Ramamurthy P GDS MD ZaminDevarkulam 17930
63 Ramar S GDS MD Nalattinputhur 17965
64 Ramasamy L GDS MC Perilovanpatti 15350
65 Ramasubramanian V GDS MD Chitrampatti 14980
66 Sankaran M GDS MP K R Nagar 15380
67 Sankarapandian D GDS MD Kadalai 17860
68 Saravanakumaran D GDS MD L V Puram 19370
69 Sasirekha D GDS MC Padanthapuli 6580
70 Seetharamakn K GDS MD Kalugasalapuram 18480
71 Selvaraj G GDS MC Attankarai 16840
72 Selvaraj P GDS MD Mettilipatti 17960
73 Selvaraj P GDS MD Pannikulam 17960
74 Selvaraj S GDS MD Arunkulam 17920
75 Seshadri P GDS MD Kalingapatti 17880
76 Shunmugam L GDS MD Karisalkulam 17860
77 Soundararajan V GDS MD Pillaiarnatham 16520
78 Subburaman GDS MD Vadakkuvandanam 17970
79 Sundaram M GDS MD Kilakarandai 17450
80 Sureshkumar S GDS MD Tiruvengadam 17760
81 Thinakaran T A GDS MD Sippikulam 14480
82 Thirupathy S GDSMD Kandasamypuram 17875
83 Varadharaj V GDS MD Melaseidalai 17960
84 Vel M GDS MD Kurinjakulam 18390
85 Velmurugan C GDS MD Tennampatti 8100
86 Veluchamy M GDS MC Kurumalai 10100
87 Vishagaraj S GDS MD Idaiseval 18590
88 Xavier A GDS MC Thathaneri 15975

For further details and doubts contact me or Com Balu.

G.Kannan, Regional Secretary, NFPE PIV

Saturday, October 24, 2009

25.10.2009 10.30 to 12.OO at Vetrinadar merriage hall;Virudunagar.

Com.A.Murugesan DS NFPE P4 Virudunagar DN